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Fondazione Golinelli

Established in Bologna in 1988, Fondazione Golinelli currently represents the sole Italian example of a fully operational private philanthropic foundation, inspired by Anglo-Saxon models. It spearheads initiatives dealing with education, professional training, research, innovation, business, and culture. The aim is to offer everyone – young and old – the necessary tools in order to understand the future, by fostering cultural growth, awareness and the ability to responsibly face what lies ahead, both from a professional and a human point of view.

Fondazione Golinelli operates at Opificio Golinelli, an open ecosystem where educational and professional development, research and technology transfer, venture capital in synergy with business incubation and acceleration, all come together harmoniously. Fondazione Golinelli continues to foster the arts and sciences to expand access to knowledge and understanding.

Uniser Teacher Week 2024 is coming

Registrations are now open

Uniser Teacher Week 2024 is Coming

Registrations open soon!